Cliff have been down for the last 3 days to help with the new fencing that is going up along part of the trackside, next on the agenda will be paint brushes at the ready thank you to cliff for all he's help in making this happen.

As the Summer ends and Autumn begins, we continue to work on the railway

Our supervisor Gavin has been to test out the new part of the completed track which I am pleased to say went well It is the first time we have had trains on the full size of track Our progress wouldn’t have been possible so soon, if it wasn’t for the generous and much appreciated donation by Warwick, of sleepers


Update on 28/05/2020

We are really pleased to say we have got our class 37 wired backup and fully serviced. We have got to do is just buy the radio control Gear and the receiver and she will be back on track for the coming years 

Update on 18/05/2020

We have had a couple of weeks off from the railway but now back again and we are doing the class 37 rubbing down the buffer beam and soon be wiring up to sound unit and going to be doing the radio control as well in it soon 

As lockdown continues it has given me the opportunity to get some jobs done on the railway 

The sleepers that were kindly donated to us last year have now all been put into position, tedious job but nice weather helped me to continue 

All the speed signs have been rubbed down and repainted and now look shiny and new 

To see more about


Over the next few weeks we will be monitoring the ongoing situation of the U.K. Coronavirus outbreak 
Our diesel gala scheduled for May 16th is likely to be postponed until later in the Summer
As much as that is a disappointment, we have to be responsible and do all we can to protect our members as well as ourselves and our families 
We will keep you all updated with decisions made as soon as we have better understanding of how this virus will escalate across our local counties, in the meantime to all our supporters please stay safe and well


We would like to say Merry Christmas to all our members friends / supporters hope you all have a great time and looking forward to seeing everyone in the new year 

Thank you to all our working members for all their help in 2019 

From Dale, Gavin, Cliff, Alan, Lisa, and all the members at The Buttolph Flyer Miniature Railway Group

Our 1st Halloween event was touch and go, after much deliberation we decided to cancel it until the following day, after we had heavy rainfall, and we decided the field was too muddy to carry out an event 

However the following morning the sun shone brightly, the wind picked up and the worst of the mud and excess water drained and dried out to acceptable conditions 

By now it really was full steam ahead to get the marquee up, decorations fixed in various places, lights placed along the track and projector lamp in position 

As darkness fell and guests arrived it was time to switch everything on and turn on the sound bar for some spooky Halloween sound effects 

The night was cold stars shone down on us but what great fun we had, 

We had both of our home fleet trains running for over 3 hours 

Events like this are not possible without the support of the people attending or the hard work that goes on behind the scenes 

Thank You to everyone involved, we will be hosting this event again next year 

We are really pushing ahead now to complete our new track layout, the track is now down and in position, we are just waiting for the sleepers to arrive, big thank you to Warwick for donating those to us
Once everything is in place we will be doing test runs to make sure it’s all working fine 
Thank You once again to Cliff for giving up his time to help out and his dedication to getting our railway completed

Our member Cliff has been dedicating a lot of his time to us and once again helped out with the new loco hut, 
A new door has been made up, which now makes it a lot easier getting trains in and out and secure when not in use
Cliffs help on the railway is fantastic, we are really pushing along now to make our vision of what we would like to achieve in to reality

Final weekend of September was our members day 
We had a lovely time, weather was pretty good, sunny, but windy for most of the morning until the heavens opened but like a trooper our member Gavin carried on regardless 
It was a good day and we really enjoy having our members getting together and have fun 
We had Class 37 on track and Gavin managed to clock up a total of 5 miles

Before the wet weather sets in club member Cliff spent an entire day at the railway 
We were busy putting together a new hut to replace the temporary one to store locos and riding trolley 
This one is much bigger and will be easier for getting things in and out 
Thank you Cliff for all your hard work


After several set backs our extended track has arrived and is ready to be laid 

We will be starting as soon as possible and continue to make improvements over the winter.

Here are some photos from our night run on the 30th of August we only have 2 more members days left for 2019. Thank you to everyone who come to our evening running we will be having one more evening run this year our Halloween event on the 27th of October 2019 we will look forward to seeing everyone 


What a scorching August Bank Holiday we had on the Monday we attended the annual event at Eaton Park where the Lord Mayor came to visit
It was a lovely day and everyone had a great time


Our group loco 37588 have been out of service for about 4 months now but we are pleased to say 37588 will be back on the track hopefully by the end of August

We have only members day tomorrow. We will only have 08097 running tomorrow we will look forward to seeing everyone and next Monday we will be at Eaton Park miniature Railway running day from 1pm to 5pm. 


11th August we had a day at Eaton Park, after the storm force winds of the day before we were glad it had all calmed down in time for our visit

We had a thoroughly enjoyable time with several locos on track and public visitors

We were also lucky enough to have Chris from CME ON THE MOVE train film maker attending and we attached a camera to 08097, you can check this video out on YouTube

Thank You Chris


We was at Lynn Sport Miniature railway with Gavin and Scott today we completed 13.2miles at lynnsport we hope to be back soon



Been doing some work on the track on Thursday and today a big thank you to cliff for his help on Thursday we will be already for our new track in week or 2 




It was our members day today it was a good day by all but down to problem with 08097 The Buttolph Flyer she is out of service Down to a problem with the electronic. Hopefully have her running for our AGM on the 17th of August 
Thank you to all the members who come down today and would like to welcome our new member Scott to our railway. 



we have 2 visiting locos coming to our railway for our members day tomorrow from 1030 down to 37558 Avro Vulcan being out of service we will only have 08097 The Buttolph Flyer Running for our members to use.


yesterday morning we visited a 
7 1/4 inch gauge railway in Hemsby Norfolk the railway have been there since 70s so I was told by someone at Hemsby miniature Railway here are some pictures of the day unfortunate they don't have 5" inch gauge on their track so 08097 can't go on there


On Wednesday evening we was at Eaton Park Miniature railway a great night by all but unfortunately we will not be at Eaton Park Miniature railway this Sunday as planned but we will be down at Eaton Park again on 11th of August


We had a great day yesterday at Halesworth & District model engineering we done 8.3 miles yesterday with 08097 thank you to everyone at Halesworth for welcoming us down to the club will be back soon 


08097 will be at Eaton Park Miniature Railway this Saturday for the Northolt live steamers visit day. Then we will be going out of Norfolk and in to Suffolk for a day at Halesworth Miniature Railway on Sunday 7th of July 


Completely wrecked at a scrap yard in Doncaster, there is nothing we can do with it to repair it 
Suspect has been caught 
Thank You to everyone for all your messages and support over the last few days it has meant a lot to all involved




We are absolutely fuming to say the least the lovely track we were going to be collecting from our friend in Lincoln to have as our new layout has been stolen 
There are no words printable to say what we think of these people who think they can just trespass onto someone’s property and take what isn’t theirs



A lovely day at our private Running day on the Buttolph Flyer Miniature Railway group / club. thank you to Cliff for helping on Saturday and thank you everyone who come down for the fun 

Cliff having a drive on 08097 The Buttolph Flyer yesterday 
A big thank you Thomas and Cliff for coming to The Buttolph Flyer M.R.G Members Day we will hope to see you both here again soon
While everything was going on schedule and to plan, we have now had a major set back 
Our points arrived and were incorrect we are now going to lose a lot of valuable time, but once this problem has been rectified it will be all hands on deck, so we can begin to catch up once again 

Big thank you to Cliff who came out to help me with the track work 
Our sidings are now laid, gravelled and completed 
We had a lovely afternoon in the sunshine and very much appreciate Cliff giving up his afternoon


We have been busy today checking over 08097 for her each charity run on Monday from 1pm we will also be doing this day in memory of our friend Lee who was a volunteer at EACH at Wymondham Norfolk and we will also be marking out a new milestone at 400 miles since we have owned 08097 the Buttolph Flyer if u would like to raise money for the each charity you can donate below

Thank you for supporting the Buttolph Flyer


New for 2019 we are able to provide clubs with their own key ring and fridge magnet merchandise, just send us a photo and we will do the rest. Contact us now for a no obligation quote Email 


New for 2019 we are able to provide clubs with their own key ring and fridge magnet merchandise, just send us a photo and we will do the rest. Contact us now for a no obligation quote Email


While the weather deteriorated this week putting an end to any outdoor work, I got on with some indoor jobs,
The riding trolley now has a new speaker and electric clip connection.
The rods for 08097 now have new bearings thank you to Brian for making the new bearings for us
Days are ticking away to our first running day of the new season on March 31st


A really snowing morning at The  Buttolph Flyer M.R.G this morning hopefully better weather next week so we can get on with some work on the track we will keep you all up to date on our website and Facebook and instagram 
While carrying out maintenance work on 08097 today we came across some wear and tear on the bearings and springs 
It was decided that the deterioration had gone too far for safety reasons and had been causing some friction between the spring and the wheel, so the afternoon was spent replacing them
Our newsletter will be coming out soon 
Successful day for us on the railway, early morning trip to get some stones from local D.I.Y shop and have pushed ahead with track laying, stone laying and fitting the protective membrane underneath. 
Huge thank you to our member Gavin who gave up his free time today to give a helping hand,  much appreciated 
Gavin has now become our railway supervisor, and he will be on hand to oversee things as our work progresses over the next few months.
Winter temperatures set in this week but our work has to continue to keep us on schedule for the new season
So today, more track has been laid 
Posts have been put in ready for the storage shelter for the rolling stock. 
The riding trolley has been painted in red and platform 2 work is now underway

Ive also been making the new signal posts and everything went to plan so very pleased with the finished work, just have to paint them now30/11/18

Despite being out of season there has been plenty to doFirstly I had a lovely day at the Spalding Model Railway Exhibition with new member Gavin, so many stalls and displays to look round It’s well worth a visit if anyone is thinking about going in the17/11/18

Busy couple of days in preparation for our new track layout for next year 
Part of the track has been taken up and today working with the tractor to now flatten down the land and fill in the gaps, ready for the next stage to begin

We also had a great time with Gavin when he visited us beginning of November Got some good track time in before heavy rain and storms stopped play earlier than planned12/11/18

We have been working on our riding trolley to update it to the BFMRG
Wow what an exciting weekend we had at Eaton Park miniature Railway we are pleased to announce we have now got a brand-new body for our class 08097 here some photos of it. We would like to say a big thank you to our friend Pete at Riverside models. We was also raising money for children in need at Eaton Park yesterday. Thank you to all of you who had a ride on the railway and hope you all had a good time. 
Here at the Buttolph Flyer Miniature Railway group we are always looking for new ways to raise money for new charities this is that charitie we would like to raising money for Leiston Works Railway 
Here is a bit about Leiston Works Railway 
Leiston Works Railway Trust is a charitable organisation working to restore the factory railway line that once served the now closed Richard Garrett Engineering Works, and which represents an important but currently incomplete part of the rich industrial heritage of this small Suffolk town.
From its opening in 1859 the line connected the old Town Works to the local branch railway running from Leiston to Saxmundham. By 1912 Garretts had expanded and built their Top Works and the line was used to transport goods and materials between the two sites as well as on to more distant places. Originally the wagons were hauled by Suffolk Punch horses; in 1929 these were replaced by the steam shunting engine Sirapite now owned, and fully restored to working order, by the Leiston Long Shop Museum. For the last years of of its operation, from 1962 until the railway was dismantled in 1968, haulage was by a Battery Electric Locomotive.
You can support this unique and important heritage project by donating here 
Update on BR blue class 08097 the Buttolph flyer 
We are currently well underway with our new professional body for 08097 The yellow and grey roof is now done We will keep you up-to-date with the progress of this.. 
We are pleased to announce class 37558 Avro Vulcan XH558  Will be going to Eaton Park miniature railway on the 30th of September to raise money for children in need 
Over the last few weeks we have been making a slow transition process of changing AJ Rail over to The Buttolph Flyer Miniature Railway Group. 
We decided to make the changes over a period of time, in order to keep the name AJ Rail going out of respect for the previous owners, who had dedicated so much of their time to their project.
The time has now come for us to put our own mark on track and rename it in accordance with 08097.
We thank you all for your support and the time people put in to sending us messages we appreciate it all very much. 
The changeover will be in the next few days and we would love to have you all on board so please like us on
class 08097 the Buttolph flyer was out on track yesterday at Eaton Park. And this photo was taken yesterday with the Lord Mayor of Norwich with 08097. We have worked so hard to get where we are yesterday thank you to everyone at Eaton Park miniature railway and our friends for getting us here
Please note photo 2 and 3 is ©️ by Pete 

A good day by all day at out private day for our friend from Cambridgeshire we will be at Eaton part tomorrow from 1pm to see all our events go our website 

Class 37806 Redmire been having work done on it as it will soon been repainted and a NEW number and name will be on it  Class 37558 Avro Vulcan XH558 to support RAF 
Been doing track work on the 24/08/18
We have a busy upcoming weekend we will be out on the Sunday running with our friends from st Neots and we will be going to Eaton Park miniature Railway for the Lord Mayors charity on the Monday 27
08097 was at the Eaton Park Miniature Railway yesterday doing light run and  Tod and Sophie B was doing public running on the mainlane. 
To see where we are next go to
4th July was a day of celebration as Dale celebrated his 21st Birthday.
Pictured here with a special portrait done for his big day with his Great Grandparents he never knew. His train 08097 dedicated to their memory, now he has something to treasure forever.

Sunday 24th June, the sunny warm weather worked to our favour once again and we had a lovely day on ground level at NDSME with Redmire and 08097.

08097 The Buttolph Flyer having a day off at NDSME
We was at the Kings Lynn model railway club yesterday what a lovely day we done over 55 laps  that's completed 11 miles our next event we will be at Eaton park miniature railway find out when this is please go to our website 
 thank you to everyone at the King's Lynn District SME we will be visiting in the near future
We are pleased to announce down to losing (DVMR) in March 2018 we are delighted to say we have found a new railway currently named A.J Rail and we are also welcome to new locos to our Fleet a class 37806 Redmire and saddle tank 0-4-0 No10538 name not yet confirmed. This portable trackers   About 70 M where we will be taking this out as portable track in 2019 
I will be having our new locos out at Eaton park miniature railway in the next few months this new purchase of this will now become our new project for us now
We would like to inform everyone this event has been postponed to a later date it is out of our control we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused thank you to everyone at the Ryedale Society for being supporting and letting us go down at a later date please keep an eye on our website as we will announce when it will be rescheduled for
been working on 08097 today for its charity run tomorrow at Eaton park miniature railway 
Please don't forget if you want to see us with our charity run tomorrow please go to Eaton park miniature railway from 1pm to 5pm and don't forget if you see us please take a photo of us and send it to our email address  wear your photo will have a chance of being printed in this month's newsletter.. 
Thank you 

We are pleased to announce our new T-shirts are now out we have got white T-shirts and a limited edition black T-shirts the black t-shirts are only available for a short period of time..These are only available through our online store so please check it out at

We have been working hard to get front and back lights on 08097 what will soon be D8097 Wymondham Belle 08097 The Buttolph Flyer will soon be returning in BR Blue coming soon to 0809710/04/18

08097 was out for the 1st time at NDSME 25/03/18

Yes my new business cards are here
08097 will soon be done she will be out on track tomorrow for testing what will be the final time she will be on our testing track (DVMR) but we will be buying a new test track what will come our portable track for local rallies in Norfolk 

Class 08097 was out in the snow today 

On 03/03/18
we start off with some exciting news for 2018 
We will be running another loco D8097 Wymondham Belle, our 08097 will be out on track soon with new paint job in the livery of DB SHENKER red, after much deliberation over the winter months, we have decided that The Buttolph Flyer will by mid season have a complete new colour scheme of BR blue. 
For now, 08097 will be running with 2 numbers in anticipation of the Wymondham Belle joining our fleet. 
Just like the Buttolph Flyer the name Wymondham Belle seemed to be an obvious choice, Wymondham being my home town and my family has lived in the town for many generations, it has a special place in our lives. 
Please keep checking back for all our latest updates and our brand new logo for our new edition 
08097 the buttolph flyer was out for the 1st time this year today with its NEW 4QD unit 21/02/18
08097 The Buttolph Flyer new 4QD unit is now in 07/02-18
Our Paint work is almost done on 08097 our new 4QD DNO power unit has been ordered 01/02/18
Been busy repainting 1 side done this week 

UPDATE for those of you who are following us 
is undergoing a major resoration at the moment....
if you know of a Club or a private railway  what is ground level where we can visit in norfolk or East cambridgeshire and east lincolnshire area please let us know 

Well it may be out of season but BUSY is the word of the month.
08097 now has newly painted springs and the fiddly task of making door handles. 
The chassis and top plate have been resprayed black. 
We can’t thank everyone enough for your continued interest and support of 08097.
Our new season will begin at Eaton Park Miniature Railway NDSME in April 2018

What a brilliant end to an amazing season at NDSME for the charity event for Children in Need.
Pudsey Bear came along and had some rides and a fun day was had by all with over £700 raised.
Well that's 2017 season over we have had a great year with 08097 which will now be going for winter overhaul and repaint.
Thank you to each of you who have supported us whether it was at the clubs, Facebook, website or newsletter it's all very much appreciated.
08097 will be back for 2018 season at NDSME we look forward to seeing you all there.
In the meantime keep upto date with our news at

17th September was our penultimate day at NDSME, with our guests for the day from Evergreens Miniature Railway.  Despite the showers we still had a steady stream of visitors. 
08097 had some fun pulling some milk wagons. 
With just one more day out on track in October it certainly has been an eventful season. 17/09/17

08097 will be at Eaton Park next Sunday from 1pm hope to see you there next Sunday

08097 is having a clean up before going to NDSME  on the 17th of September for it 200 mile running day 

It is 08097 birthday today happy 1st birthday 08097 the Buttolph flyer 


Sunday 27th saw our 1st open day at our home track DVMR. 

The weather was kind to us and 08097 and Vicky were both running as well as guest locomotive The Mighty Pug. 

It was a successful afternoon with 22 invited guests who gave up their free time to support us. Thank


08097 the Buttolph Flyer is now all ready for Sunday running at a private event 26/08/18

On 31st August we will be celebrating 1 year of ownership of 08097. 
Wow what a ride it has been. In that time 08097 has achieved 200 miles on track. 23/08/17

08097 has a new riding trolley ? and both will be at NDSME in September and October 20/08/17

<<6th August was a busy day for 08097 and 616 Ruston Vicky at NDSME as the warm summer sun brought out the crowds to Eaton Park making it a successful day for passenger rides. Great day for all of us who attended

This weekend saw us attend our final event at Evergreens Miniature Railway as they bid farewell to their current location. 
A new venture will begin for them in 2018, we wish them well in the future.
On our last day with them 08097 clocked up 24 miles, bringing it to a total of 73.4 miles in July. 
08097 will continue to be at NDSME for the summer. 29/07/17

<< Last Saturday  (15th july) 08097 attended our 1st portable tack day at Stickney School near Boston. 
Despite the rain we had a good turnout and other attractions of tractors, traction engines and pumps. Classic cars and a variety of animals. 
A great day was had by all and 08097 got in 75 laps.

<<08097 was at evergreen 08/07/17

to help out with two birthday party we done I was 71 laps

Big news 08097 have now got a new power unit and sound system we will update you with new video of the new sound system soon thank you for all your support through the last couple of weeks we will be having the Loco running soon so please keep an eye out on our website under a special event where you can find all our information of where we are going to be


Hello and welcome to 08097 
Down to a popular demand we are now doing newsletters what we can email to you so if you would like a monthly newsletters please contact with your details by email your information you will automatically be signed up for a email updates you can opt out any time by contacting us 
You can email us at 
Thank you for your continuous support of the Buttolph flyer


Double celebrations today as The Buttolph Flyer 08097 attended the 
15th birthday of Evergreens Miniature Railway and we reached above and beyond our 1st major milestone of 100 miles, by the end of today we had done 80 laps covering 16 miles taking our total laps in total to 117 miles. 
The day has been a complete success on all counts and a massive thank you goes to everyone involved in the organising and preparation of this special event, it will certainly be a day to remember. 


08097 is back in service and will be running at evergreen on 24 of June for 15 years of evergreen miniature railway 


A situation out of our control 08097 will not be going to the maxitrak day at NDSME down to the loco is not fit for running but class 20 NoD8007 Merlin will be going to the maxitrak day on Saturday 10th of June two replace 08097 the buttolph Flyer 
we are sorry for any inconvenience 

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the charity event at NDSME on Bank Holiday Monday, 
What a fantastic day we had, the forecast rain and storms held off and over £600 was raised for E.A.C.H charity which supports very sick children. What an amazing charity. 
We will be supporting as many charity events as possible, keep up to date with all our events and news on the website. 
Thank you for all your support 30/05/17

Finally, the paintwork is completed, The Buttolph Flyer is now in DB Schenker livery.  It's first public outing sporting the new look will be on Monday 29th May for a special charity event at Eaton Park.  The name plates will be put on in the next few weeks.


08097 The Buttolph Flyer is nearly completed in its new DB Schenker colours. 
Just a few odd and ends to finish and some testing on our home track before it's back at N.D.S.M.E for charity event

Update on 19/05/17

Class 08097 The Buttolph Flyer will soon be back on track after an overhaul. 
Paintwork is completed on one side and the back. It's stripes are nearly completed, the front buffer beam has also got new black stripes. 
Please go to our website.
update on 14/05/17

The final photos of class 08097 in British rail  green The loco will be re-colour to DB Schenker  for running at evergreens model railway and NDSME in June please check out our website for more information 


08097 was at evergreen miniature railway for the 1st time there 


08097 done 21 runs today at NNMEC to raise money for the Air Ambulance 

a big thank you to all that helped us support the Air Ambulance  on the 15th of april 
we raised £145

08097 The Buttolph Flyer will be attending The North Norfolk Model Engineering Club at Holt along with The Buttolph Flyer and Merlin Easter Saturday from 11am to 4pm. 
This is a charity event to raise money for the Air Ambulance. These heroes of our skies rely on public donations and events such as this to keep those helicopters flying saving lives every day. You may need them one day to save your life or that of a loved one they need all the support people can give. 
If you are in the area please come along and have a ride behind our 5" gauge trains and help a good cause. 
Happy Easter to you all

Really happy with class 08097. 45 laps on 1 battery today at NNMEC

08097 we'll be at holt this weekend unexpectedly has 20007 is currently not working 

Had a great day at NDSME managed a new record of 48 laps

08097 First visit of the week to the NNMEC back again Thursday and Sunday 

We was at NNMEC today  12/02/17

Class 08097 the buttolph flyer Horn is up and running now  the buttolph flyer is now done 

The Buttolph Flyer is now nearly complete just name plaques to go. 

Update on 30/01/17

News on the 08097 
We have built battery box for it so the battery do not slide about. And we have also put a figure of Doctor Who in the cab today for a bit of fun all there is now it's to put the name plates on get the horn fitted and then the buttolph flyer will be ready go to NNMEC and NDSME in 2017 update on 24/01/17

The buttolph flyer was at NNMEC today for a members day update on 02/01/17

The name and number is on the buttolph flyer 08097
update on 31/12/16

During the final last work on the buttolph flyer painting the lines over so they look jet black we will be doing test it on Monday update on 30/12/16

Hello and welcome to the buttolph flyer we are currently doing winter maintenance work on it to improve it we have been tidying up the wires and also been Paignton various different bits pictures are below update on 12/11/16

Final running day at NNMEC today now time for out of season overhaul update on 29/10/16

Winnie the dog  with 08097 the buttolph flyer 
update on 29/10/16

Buffer paint finished final coat of BR green is complete update 16/10/16

Hello and welcome to the buttolph flyer we are pleased to announce all the paintwork have now been done we will be having it at the North norfolk Model Engineering club this weekend to have it checked over all there is to go now is to put the name and plaques on and the number and then the buttolph flyer will be running the general public thank you for all your support and likes on the buttolph flyer Facebook page update 30/09/16

The Buttolph flyer black paintwork completed
update on 20/09/16

Front panel base coat on and roof panels underway
update on 15/09/16

The paint is on now 
update on 14/09/16

1st day for The Buttolph Flyer at NNMEC
Update on 03/09/16

Class 08 097 the Buttolph flyer is here now 

 update on 02/09/2016

Been making progress once again today on the storage hut which is nearly complete 
Also made most of a spring like day to paint the platform 
Hopefully tomorrow will be just as successful so I can continue